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Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boilerGB/T5310

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Steel belt hexagonal package/plastic film/woven bag/sling package


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Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boiler

Product material 20G/ 25MnG/ 12CrMoG /12Cr2MoG/ 15CrMoG/ 12Cr1MoG/ 10Cr9MoIVNbN
Product specification
Product applied standard GB/T5310-2017
Delivery status
Finished products package Steel belt hexagonal package/plastic film/woven bag/sling package

Product Manufacturing Process

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Tube blank


Inspection (spectral detection, surface inspection, and dimensional inspection)

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Thermal inspection (alloy steel requires heat treatment)

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Grinding inspection

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Cold drawing

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Cold-drawing (the addition of cycled processes such as heat treatment, pickling and cold drawing should be subject to the specific specifications)

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Normalization/Normalization + tempering

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Performance test (mechanical property, metallographic, impact property, hardness, flattening, and flaring)



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Tube cutting

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Non-destructive testing (eddy current, and ultrasonic)

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Hydrostatic test

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Product inspection

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Product Manufacturing Equipment

Shearing machine, sawing machine, walking beam furnace, perforator, high-precision cold-drawing machine, heat-treated furnace, and straightening machine


Product Testing Equipment

Outside micrometer, tube micrometer, dial bore gage, vernier caliper, chemical composition detector, spectral detector, tensile testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, impact testing machine, eddy current flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, and hydrostatic testing machine

Product Applications

High pressure steam boilers and pipelines


Precision steel pipe in the inheritance of the advantages of seamless steel pipe at the same time, but also has some of its own characteristics. With precision manufacturing ring parts, can improve material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sets, etc., has been widely used to manufacture precision steel tubes. The promotion of the application of precision seamless tube to save steel, improve processing efficiency, reduce the processing process or equipment investment has important significance, can save costs and processing hours, improve production and material utilization, while helping to improve product quality, reduce costs, to improve economic efficiency has important significance. Generally, the industries that require high precision use seamless precision tubes, and those that do not require precision mostly use seamless tubes, after all, the price of precision seamless tubes with the same specifications is higher than that of seamless tubes.

Package of carbon steel seamless pipe

Plastic caps plugged at the two sides of pipe ends
Should be avoided by the steel strapping and transport damage
Bundled sians should be uniform and consistent
The same bundle(batch) of steel pipe should be came from the same furnace
The steel pipe has the same furnace number,the same steel gradethe same specification

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