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Cold-drawn precision seamless steel tubes

Production and manufacturing methods.

According to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolled tubes, cold rolled tubes, cold drawn tubes, extruded tubes, etc. The major difference between cold-drawn seamless steel tube and hot-rolled seamless steel tube is that the precision of cold-drawn seamless steel tube is better than that of hot-rolled seamless steel tube, the general accuracy of cold-drawn seamless steel tube is about 20 silk, while the precision of hot-rolled seamless tube is about 100 silk, so cold-drawn seamless steel tube is the first choice for machining manufacturing, parts manufacturing.
1. hot-rolled seamless pipe is generally produced on automatic tube rolling units. Solid billets are inspected and cleared of surface defects, cut to the required length, centered on the end face of the perforated end of the billet, then sent to a heating furnace for heating and perforated on a perforating machine. In the perforation while continuously rotating and advancing, under the action of the rollers and the top, the internal cavity of the billet is gradually formed, called the hairpin. Then sent to the automatic rolling mill to continue rolling. Assembled by the equalization machine to equalize the wall thickness, by the sizing (diameter reduction) machine sizing (diameter reduction), to meet the specifications. The use of continuous rolling mill production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is a more advanced method.
2.if you want to get smaller size and better quality seamless pipe
3.the extrusion method is about heated billet placed in a closed extrusion cylinder, perforated bar and extrusion rod together with the movement, so that the extruded parts from the smaller die hole extrusion. This method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe.

1.seamless tube is widely used. General purpose seamless pipe is rolled from ordinary carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, the production assortment, mainly used as a pipeline or structural parts for the transport of fluids.

2.Supplied in three categories according to different uses.
a、Supplied according to chemical composition and mechanical properties.
b、Supplied according to mechanical properties.
c. Supplied according to hydraulic test. Steel pipes supplied according to category a and b are also subjected to hydrotesting if they are used to withstand liquid pressure.

3.seamless tubes for special purposes include seamless tubes for boilers, seamless tubes for geology and seamless tubes for petroleum, and many others.

Post time: Aug-04-2022