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Application of excavator bucket teeth

Along with the continuous innovation and improvement of industrial equipment, more and more fields or application of such excellent machinery and equipment to assist in the work, in which the excavator is a more useful one nowadays. And bucket teeth is the key position in the work of excavators, an excavator if the bucket teeth problems that also represents a very large part of the role can not be applied, so the maintenance of the brand excavator bucket teeth looks vital, the next I have to let you describe the maintenance of the bucket teeth it!

One, combing maintenance. After the usual application of the item, we do not have to rush to store them up, and do not have to blindly follow the trend to save them, the best way to assemble, is to carry out some combing maintenance on them. It is worth noting that when combing, we need to get rid of pollutants, dust and debris, and also need to make the items in order to repair the cleanliness level, so that they will have a good application standard in the next work.

Second, repair and maintenance. After the usual application of wear-resistant excavator bucket teeth, you also need to pay attention to the query, they touch with a variety of soil, inevitably onset of damage, or damage to the situation, for this matter, we have to deal with the problem in a timely manner, so that you can repair them well, and subsequently complete the maintenance of the ensure. Manufacturers of wholesale excavator bucket teeth. Many of the reasons for bucket tooth wear loss efficiency are caused by the unreasonable design of the process structure, especially in the overall structure and parts structure. For example, the bucket teeth of 4m3 electric shovel are easily damaged in long-term excavation, and their service life is relatively low, which seriously affects the efficiency of construction, so to improve the anti-wear ability of bucket teeth, we must change from their original form. In the overall structure, a long groove can be dug in the lower part of the bucket tooth, and then metal can be placed in the appropriate area to increase the length of the bucket tooth. It is not only possible to increase the effective amount of its metal wear, but also to change the force flow between the ore and the parts when they are in contact, effectively improving their resistance to wear.

Post time: Aug-04-2022